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Writing and Publishing

About the Author

I started writing fiction in 2015 and have since published a range of fiction and non-fiction titles under my publishing enterprise Strong Female Protagonists. Strong Female Protagonists was created to change the narrative of gender in storytelling. Long have female characters become strong due to a male adversary and a wrongdoing that has changed their life. What readers want to see is strong woman who were born fierce or chose a path that creates a strength within.

Let’s have characters we love because we see ourselves in them. Storytelling allows us to explore who we are and who we want to be. Of course, storytelling should always be entertaining, and my novels have more than their share of complex, humorous and deplorable characters. Whatever your reading preference is, there is a book you will love in these publications.

I strongly believe that we all have a book within us just wanting to be written. My passion is to support new and experienced writers from film and publishing to write their story and navigate the publishing journey. Creative coaching sessions can be booked via zoom, phone or face to face on the gorgeous Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 


Murderous Intent

Samara Sanders is a romance author running for her life trying to stay one step ahead of the man intent on punishing her for destroying his perfect world.
Her beachside paradise, once a safe haven becomes the place her greatest fears are realised. Messages in the sand, death threats and terrors in her dreams.
Are they all real or imagined?


Advice For Life

Contained within these pages you will find some of the greatest Advice For Life you will ever read. It was written by authors, psychologist, mothers, filmmakers, athletes, poets, and philosophers. Some of the most wide, wild, and wonderful people I have ever met.
When I celebrate my 50th birthday in 2021, you won’t hear me complain of the size of that number nor the wonders of ageing. Each year with loved ones is cherished. But at fifty, we should be wise, shouldn’t we? So, instead of present, I asked my friends to share with me their greatest piece of life advice.
My gift to you, the reader, is the compilation of their wise and humourous murmurings. I trust you will enjoy reading them as much as I loved receiving my precious birthday gifts.


The Last First Kiss

We each imagine we have a lifetime yet to live but what if we found out we didn’t.
How would you spend your previous time?
The Last First Kiss is an epic tale of love and the race against time.
When two soulmates find each other again after decades apart they promise to spend the rest of their lives creating wonderful memories together.
They will measure their life in moments not minutes.
They will be each other’s last first kiss.
Travelling the globe and romancing the cities we only dream to visit, together the soulmates answer the age old questions of life, love and death.


The List (Book One)

Book One (Book Two is The Reef)
A complex family tradition spanning generations and a fortune so vast that marriage for this island bachelor is predetermined by a carefully selected list of candidates.
But what if there is only one woman who can fill the void of his grief?
What lengths will he go to, to ensure she stays in this coastal paradise he calls home.
How will he persuade her to say yes, or has he waited too long, and she has already left the island forever?


The Reef

Book Two (Book One is The List)
Kasie reflects on the dichotomy in nature that is her reef. Deep dark and secretive on one side. On the other, a marvel of colours and creatures exposed in its clear waters. Much like her life.
Her present, secure and familiar. Her future, unknown, terrifying, and not yet ready to fully expose itself to her.
Is she truly able to commit to this island paradise forever?
Can she really pledge marriage and all that promise entails?

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