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Kellie M Cox

Author, Counsellor, Speaker

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Kellie M Cox is an Australian writer indulging her love of fiction and prose. With qualifications in psychology, she relishes writing about the human condition and the vulnerability of the psyche. A therapist, clinical trainer and creative coach, she enjoys a dream life on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Wanting to see a change in the narrative of gender roles in storytelling, Kellie has created her publishing and production enterprise, Strong Female Protagonists and encourages others to write and produce work that challenges our preconceived ideas of societal values. 

Most days Kellie can be found working with clinicians and creative artists or writing her novels. When not writing, Kellie will most likely be saturating her social media accounts with photos of her adorable dogs.

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Advice For Life

Released 2022

Advice for Life by Kellie M Cox

Contained within these pages you will find some of the greatest Advice For Life you will ever read. It was written by authors, psychologist, mothers, filmmakers, athletes, poets, and philosophers. Some of the most wide, wild, and wonderful people I have ever met.

When I celebrate my 50th birthday in 2021, you won’t hear me complain of the size of that number nor the wonders of ageing. Each year with loved ones is cherished. But at fifty, we should be wise, shouldn’t we? So, instead of present, I asked my friends to share with me their greatest piece of life advice.

My gift to you, the reader, is the compilation of their wise and humourous murmurings. I trust you will enjoy reading them as much as I loved receiving my precious birthday gifts.


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